About Us

Our Founder

Mr. Madhusudan Saha

(1 January 194316 February 2023)

Why we have started this Centre?

During the Covid times, people have faced problems searching for centres or places where they could opt for pathology tests. Pathology examinations help to diagnose disease using medical tools in a laboratory. This centre has been started to help people conduct pathology tests in a laboratory, that follows a stringent quality control system. From now on, people in this city will not have to face issues to get access to numerous tests regarding their health.

About Clinic

With a benchmark in providing quality health solutions and diagnostics to every client of ours, our team is dedicated and inspired for excellence every day. Our clinic aims to make preventive and predictive healthcare facilities accessible to everyone. Providing holistic wellbeing to all with the help of the latest technology and testing equipment.


Dr. L.N. Saha

General & Chest Medicine

Prof. (Dr.) S.M. Naser

Diabetologist & General Medicine

Dr. Adit Dey


Dr. Parvin Banu

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Mouli Nandi

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Rana Saha


Dr. Ankur Kumar


Dr. Souparna Saha

Chest Medicine

Dr. S. Guha

Consultant Biochemist

Dr. Arup K. Dutta

Consultant Pathologist

Dr. Dipak Shah

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr. Kanishka Samanta


Dr. Nirmalya Bhattacharya


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Our Team

We at M.S. Polyclinic & Diagnostic Centre aim at searching and retain quality manpower for carrying out the various functionalities of our diagnostic and clinical chain. Our team are experienced and undergoes extensive training in order to provide our clients with the best in class treatment and diagnostics. Our team of experts aim at providing quality services for the various departments of our clinical chain both within and outside our labs and facilities.
We are a reputed diagnostic centre in Kolkata, hence, we maintain a progressive team of quick thinkers and experienced personnel and doctors that are always present to resolve every query our clients have at any given time.

Our Mission

We aim to provide the best diagnostic services at affordable rates while our experts will provide accurate solutions for those illnesses.

Our Vision

Our team of professionals is highly trained in their departments and can provide best-in-class treatments to irradicate any sort of bodily dysfunction.

Core Values

We believe that every living being has the right to avail of the best medical solutions for their problems irrespective of any form of disability.

In need of a good doctor?

Get in touch with us and talk to our team of specialists and doctors about any health-related issues and concerns.
We pride ourselves to be the best polyclinic in Kolkata, for providing quality solutions and medical attention to all of your needs and worries.


  • Our solutions are easy to avail and our diagnostic tests are quick and accurate, which helps patients get their treatments at an early stage.

Regular Check-ups

Keeping track of bodily functions is a great way of making sure that everything is working properly or not. Our regular check-up plans can help you save a lot of money.

Sample Collection

We have an efficient team of sample collectors who can go to your home and collect samples at the earliest.


Our well-equipped dental studio has got you covered for all kinds of issues like cavities, bleeding gums, or bad breath.